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Brendan Gallagher

Karma Country lead singer Brendan Gallagher has some interesting Bowie connections.

In September 1999 Brendan was asked by British producer Marius de Vries (Bjork, Neil Finn, Madonna) to play guitar on his re-mix of David Bowie's 'Survive'. The song, from Bowie's Hours album, was released as a single in Europe, USA and UK in January 2000.

Bowie is also a known user of Brendan's book Open Tuning Chord Book For Guitar (pictured below with David Bowie, along with BDU member Michael Dwyer):

"What a super book, this is such fun. I could use this for my next record"
said Bowie.

In February, 2004, Gallagher was invited backstage by David Bowie at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.

Karma Country 'Dexter & Sinastra' (2004) with Bryan Brown