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Dave Graney

Dave Graney and The Moodists

Musically, his sound is large, full, mellow and full of grooves, like David Bowie’s older, black brother. Or Prince, if he played country music & sang three octaves lower.

"David Bowie was a huge influence....

I was playing in this band in high school and I needed to record vocals and when I heard Ziggy Stardust I thought, 'oh you’re allowed to sing like that? I can do that!' It's not like I tried to emulate David Bowie, it just made me realise I can use what I've got."

Raised in Adelaide but having spent the majority of his life in Melbourne, Dave Graney despised commercial Oz rock and acts like Cold Chisel. David Bowie was among the artists that provided a true alternative...

"I had a bunch of mates who were all music snobs. We hated commercial stuff and we gave Steve Miller hell when he bought Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run"...

David Bowie was undeniable in the quality of his output, even though the same girls who put Donny Osmond on their lockers would have Bowie there as well.

'Diamond Dogs'
was a fave.

In his fun but often scathing assessment of Triple J's All Time 100, Graney was positive about Bowie's entry into the countdown:

"I would have had five or six Bowie tracks. Can’t argue with [Life On Mars?]. 'All time', remember?"

Listen to Dave Graney's OAKLEIGH BOWIE BLUES here.
I'm Gonna Release Your Soul

Dave Graney's 'I'm Gonna Release Your Soul'