1987 Glass Spider Tour (AUS/NZ)

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Brisbane (October 29 & 30)

In Brisbane, two consecutive shows were held at the 13,500 capacity Entertainment Centre.

Located 16 kilometres north of Brisbane, the newly opened centre at Boondall was designed to resolve the problems of Lang Park where Bowie faced noise restrictions on his previous two visits (1978 and 1983).

Above and Right: The semi-rural surrounds of the BEC. After it's opening in 1986, it took over from Lang Park as Brisbane's major concert venue. In 2004, the centre would be the site of David Bowie's return to Australian stage after his longest ever hiatus. Images from Wikipedia.

ccording to the NZ Listener (a New Zealand publication), there were 9000 odd Brisbanites at the concert - so by that account, they didn't quite fill the hall.

"With Bowie trying to keep track of all the dance moves, and with the band very much in the wings, his full musical power did not make it to the stadium very often. More from the band, more from Bowie and less of the portentous story telling and it could have been brilliant".

~ NZ Listener


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