1987 Glass Spider Tour (AUS/NZ)

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Auckland (November 28)

Five days after the final Melbourne gig, Bowie performed the last show of the tour in Auckland.

Again, the show took place outdoors at the Western Springs Stadium - the site of Bowie's 1978 national record
audience and the 1983 world record audience. Chamber Music was the support with a quartet playing to the side of the stage.

There is some mixed response to Bowie's final ever show of the Glass Spider tour - no doubt partly because he had set such high standards and expectations at the venue on the previous tour.

"I was there and i thought is was really good. But maybe it was cause I was in love with him and only 8."

~ quartknee

"I remember Frampton doing the opening break to 'Do You Feel Like We Do' and the stadium going bananas.

~ Mark Gillies, Auckland

"I was 15 and had a ball. We had a drinking session up the top of Mt Eden before. Our group won 80 bucks and free T-shirts for holding up an 89FM banner that we had spray painted on an old sheet (no shame commercialism). After the concert we drove around Auckland listening to the radio which played only Bowie songs for 2 hours. I fell for the girl in the audience joke that Bowie did with Melissa Hurley for about 5 minutes.".

~ Miriam, New Zealand.

"My mate swears he saw Bowie throw-up at the side of the stage after a particularly grueling dance routine...

We waited around after the gig and were delighted when stage-hands flew us assorted paraphernalia from the concert. I was thrown a pair of smallish gray pants – which I assumed had been props for the tour. Were they actually Bowie’s pants? After all - he’s a small guy? Well, I kept those pants for years – just in case they were in fact his. In the end, without any verification, I starting doubting their authenticity and decided to throw them out. Obviously, there was no ebay in those days…"

~ Sam Coley

Having reached the very end of the tour, the "Glass Spider" stage set was ceremoniously burnt in New Zealand. "We just put it in a field and set fire to it" said David. This was apparently to save shipping costs.  

Bowie also went on a holiday in Australia with his then girlfriend, Melissa Hurley.

Scan from Brian

Ticket scan from Brian.

Picture from ebay


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