Don Connolly's David Bowie Pictures


In 2019, BDU was contacted by John Patterson - a colleague of Don Connolly who worked on the 1983 David Bowie videos in Australia.

Don took the following pics.




John Patterson (2019):

These photos were taken during the shooting of the 'Lets Dance' and 'China Girl' clips by the sound recordist Don Connolly (now deceased).


John Patterson (2019):


Don Connolly gave [the photos] to me after returning to Sydney to go some small way to making up for the fact that I had been unable to accompany him as his assistant on the shoot.



John Patterson (2019):

[The photos were] a minor compensation, however I have been the proud owner of four unknown Bowie photos since that time and Bowie Downunder seems an appropriate repository to facilitate a wider appreciation of them. Love the website, All the best, John Patterson - Life Long Bowie fan




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