Isolar II: The 1978 World Tour (AUS/NZ)

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Brisbane Lang Park (Tue, Nov 21)

Lang Park (now known as Suncorp Stadium) has been the home of Rugby League football in Brisbane since 1957, however, for this one night in 1978 (and for one more night in 1983), it would be host to some of the most greatest music ever performed.

Bowie arrives in Brisbane. Photo from The Courier Mail.

In Brisbane, things initially resembled Melbourne in that fans camped at the gates with canvas awnings spread above their sleeping bags. Fortunately though, it wasn't the near wash-out.

During the concert, the crowd was reportedly very lively and one girl down the front kept fainting.

Robert Brascher recalls:

''As important a night as the night I saw Rocky Horror for the first time. Energy changing...

I used to go to the football at Lang Park religiously with my Father through 73, 74, 75. It was great fun but also had that sickening feel of tradition and convention to it. Bowie blew that away. Freeing , bit scary even!''

Brisbane 1978. Photos sent in by Selwyn. Photos taken by his girlfriend.

There were several reports in the press the following day about noise from the concert. As one newspaper reported:

David Bowie today received some noisy feedback from Queensland's minister in charge of noise, Mr Russ Hinze, following the pop star's open air concert last night.

"These pop singers come out here to make a quick quid by disturbing our peace and tranquility," Mr Hinze said. "The fact that he's pommie as well wouldn't help".

Mr Hinze, who is the minister for local government, said the newly-formed noise abatement authority will investigate complaints that last night's Bowie concert at Lang Park, Brisbane, disturbed the peace. It was reported that the noise was loud enough to be heard 6 km away. Residents of the suburbs of Paddington, Bardon and Milton described it as "intolerable".


Brisbane 1978. Sent in by Selwyn. Photo taken by his girlfriend.

Brisbane 1978. Photos sent in by Selwyn. Photos taken by his girlfriend.

In the hotel lobby prior to the Brisbane concert, Sean Mayes spotted a magazine called 'Young Australians'. He suggested it to Bowie as as song title.


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