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Perth Concert: March 1, 2004

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The final Reality concert down under took place at the Supreme Court Gardens in Perth. To date, this remains the last concert that David Bowie has played on downunder soil.

Highlights according to our man on the scene, Steve, were ' Suffragette City', 'White Light White Heat' and 'Quicksand'.

Bowie also
made a point that the only two places in the world that have known the words to 'China Girl' were the second gig in Melbourne and the Perth gig.

Reportedly, a girl down the front of the stage fainted when Bowie touched her hand.

At one point, Bowie cracked a joke about Brian Eno playing Satan in the new Mel Gibson directed movie, Passion, and thoroughly embarrassed Sterling Campbell by thrusting his hips at him. Bowie also joked with the huge crowd of people that had gathered on the other side of the fence, in a park by the river, listening for free. He called the payed audience "the legitimates" and them "the illegitimates".

The following page depicts some of the action that took place. If you see one of your photos uncredited, please email me and I will rectify immediately.

Photo by Tim from Perth


David Bowie:

Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Earl Slick:

Gerry Leonard:

Gail Ann Dorsey:
Bass, Backing Vocals

Sterling Campbell:

Mike Garson:

Catherine Russel:
Guitar, Percussion, Backing Vocals

Concert Set Up (by Steve)

Concert Pictures (by Steve)

Concert Pictures

Press Articles

The following day, Perth's main newspaper - The West Australian - featured a front page article. Several other news articles appeared in other publications. Thanks to I Love Deniro for these scans:


A bootleg capturing the entirety of the Perth concert has also emerged. It is known as All Along The Bell Tower:


1. Intro - 3:17
2. Rebel Rebel (Bowie) - 3:30
3. New Killer Star (Bowie) - 5:02
4. Fame (Bowie/Lennon/Alomar) - 4:27
5. Cactus (Black) - 2:42
6. I've Been Waiting For You (Young) - 3:53
7. All The Young Dudes (Bowie) - 3:26
8. China Girl (Bowie/Pop) - 4:55
9. The Loneliest Guy (Bowie) - 4:24
10. The Man Who Sold The World (Bowie) - 4:15
11. Pablo Picasso (Richmond) - 4:32
12. Hallo Spaceboy (Bowie/Eno) - 5:24
13. Sunday (Bowie) - 6:33
14. Heathen (The Rays) (Bowie) - 6:25
15. Band Intro - 1:33

1. Life On Mars? (Bowie) - 5:03
2. Looking For Water (Bowie) - 3:41
3. Quicksand (Bowie) - 5:21
4. Days (Bowie) - 3:28
5. White Light, White Heat (Reed) - 4:18
6. Ashes To Ashes (Bowie) - 5:39
7. I'm Afraid of Americans (Bowie) - 5:31
8. Heroes (Bowie/Eno) - 6:29
9. Changes (Bowie) - 3:48
10. Try Some Buy Some (Harrison) - 4:33
12. Five Years (Bowie) - 4:09
13. Suffragette City (Bowie) - 3:38
14. Ziggy Stardust (Bowie) - 3:39


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