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Sydney 'Spooky Ghost' Concert: Feb 19, 2004

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On Thursday February 19, a bit of magic occurred for Australian Bowie fans.

At the Annandale Hotel, David Bowie's guitarist Gerry Leonard played a concert as his pseudonym 'Spooky Ghost' and Bowie's bassist (Gail Ann Dorsey), keyboardist (Mike Garson) and guitarist (Earl Slick) joined him for a two hour spectacular.

The opening act was an acoustic set by Gail Ann Dorsey. Gail has been an integral part of David Bowie's band since 1995's Outside Tour and tonight was our chance to see her perform her own solo material.

Gail opened with three songs from her new album I Used to Be followed by a cover of "What's It All About Alfie" with Mike Garson on keyboards. She finished with a cover of her favourite music artist, Olivia Newton John and everyone in the room fell in love with her.

Mike Garson and Gail Ann Dorsey. Photo by Adam D.

Annandale billboard for upcoming shows.
Photo by Stu.

Following Gail was Gerry Leonard who played much of his new Spooky Ghost album The Light Machine. Gerry has a particularly atmospheric guitar sound that comes out in his solo material and his work with Bowie. Tonight he was accompanied by a female vocalist.

Mike Garson joined Gerry for an instrumental and his solo brought the room to riotous applause. Mike is a mad genius of piano and probably Bowie's most important long term soloist. I highly recommend that everyone experience his albums Homage to My Heroes and Now! Music Volume IV.

Gerry was then joined by Earl Slick for a couple of tracks.

Gerry Leonard (Photo by Adam D).

Right: Gail filming Gerry (Photo by Stu).

Later when the gig finished, there were opportunities to meet band members and get things signed.

Stu (96DbFreak) did a great job of rounding up folks for the following photos. I recall that the Teenage Wildlife website came up in conversation and Gail responded by saying that DB goes there to get his song lyrics!

Steve, Louise, Adam, Gerry, Sally, Gail, Earl and Mike.

Margot and Mike Garson.

Gail and Sally.

Gail and Stu.

Margot and Earl Slick.

Margot, Sally and Mike.

Steve, Mike, Adam and Greg.

Louise, Gail and Steve.

Steve and Earl.

Louise and Earl.

Mike and Stu.

Earl and Stu.

The following comments were posted on the BDU Yahoo! group shortly after the show:

"This show was fucking insane, surreal and mind blowing. David wasn't there but nobody cared. Any Bowie fan that was in Sydney tonight will regret not going to this show for the rest of their life. This night will go down in history as a very special Bowie moment in time"

- Bruce (Zippy).

"The show last night was really special, they are all such incredible musicians and as has already been posted, very friendly & patient with photos, questions, etc. Lovely people."

- Louise (Vicous).

"I had a chat with Gail Ann about the Sydney shows. She said that all the band and especially David were really pumped about playing Sydney and everyone expects the Sydney shows to be really special. If you're in Melbourne for the Spooky Ghost show you must, must, must go. The best $12 dollars I have spent in my life."

- Bruce (Zippy).



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