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Wellington Concert: Feb 14, 2004

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Opening on Valentines Day 2004, the downunder leg of the A REALITY tour promised a combination of large video screens and long exciting set lists.

As Mike Garson explained, it had been a week since the band's Los Angeles concert, so it was good grounds for putting on a top show.

Kiss You In The Rain

Bowie and the band began rehearsing at Westpac Trust Stadium in the early afternoon but were been and gone by the time the weather made a nasty change.

First, a gale wind swept up from the Harbour into the surrounds of the stadium knocking over barricades, bins and most other items that weren't securely fastened. Then from about 6 PM, a downpour followed.

The support act for Bowie's only New Zealand show was 19 year old local artist Brooke Fraser. Without lights or a full PA, she played a 40 minute set and received a polite applause.

At around 9 PM under very damp and windy conditions, David Bowie took to the stage. He launched into an updated version of Rebel Rebel.

Photo by Adam Dean


"Wellington, you crazy mother fuckers, it's so great to be back, so great to be in this shitty weather, but this is cool, this is cool", he told the 25,000 strong crowd.

Casually dressed in tight black jeans, sneakers, T-shirt and jacket, Bowie played a lengthy 28 song Reality set.

As wafts of certain substances floated up to the stage, Bowie announced: "I love the smell of Wellington in the evening!".

A few songs in - as the rain got heavier - Bowie towelled down his hair before proceeding to play 'air towel' (a variation of 'air guitar').

As the stage hands mopped up the lake that developed at the front of the stage, Bowie put on a hooded rain coat before moving out on to the apron to sing in the pouring rain. He announced 'If you can put up with it, so can I'.

Photo by Adam Dean


Before beginning Slip Away, Bowie explained how he and his friends used to get stoned and watch a television show called Uncle Floyd. In the coda, he played stylophone and once the song had finished, he teased the audience by playing the opening bars to Ground Control to Major Tom [sic!] before settling on Starman.

Photo by Adam Dean


Photo by Adam Dean

Almost 2 and a half hours later, the concert was finished.

The rain, however, continued on through the night as New Zealand faced one of the worst storms and floods in living history.


Press Articles

The following day, reports of the concert were featured all over New Zealand press and television.

Wellington's Dominion Post featured an A2-sized front page of the 'Arts and Entertainment' section:

Two days earlier, Bowie had already secured the same front page in a lead up article:

More Scans from the Dominion Post:

Wellington Set List:

01. Rebel Rebel
02. New Killer Star
03. Reality
04. Fame
05. Cactus
06. Afraid
07. All the Young Dudes
08. China Girl
09. Slip Away
10. Space Oddity (Teaser)
11. Starman
12. A New Career in a New Town
13. The Loneliest Guy
14. The Man Who Sold the World
15. Hallo Spaceboy
16. Sunday
17. Under Pressure
18. Life on Mars?
19. Be My Wife
20. Days
21. Hang on to Yourself
22. Changes
23. Ashes to Ashes
24. White Light/White Heat
25. I'm Afraid of Americans
26. "Heroes"


27. Five Years
28. Suffragette City
29. Ziggy Stardust

Rebel Never Gets Old

Following are some unmistakably Wellington captures from the 'Rebel Never Gets Old' video.



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