1983 Serious Moonlight Tour (AUS/NZ)

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In 1983, David Bowie's down under sojourn began in the west.

Over the course of several days, Perth would become a focus to Bowie - starting off with his Australian Press Conference, a rest day and 3 concerts.

Reversing the situation of 1978, Bowie's Australian dates would now occur after Japan - the initial plan being that Australia and New Zealnd would be the last territories visited.


Arrival (November 3)


On the morning of November 3, David Bowie reached Perth Airport having boarded in Japan.


In the arrival area, regular passengers began filing out a few at a time, then came the band members - Carlos, Earl, Frank and George, then Bowie's assistant Coco and then David Bowie himself.


BDU member Stevee was there at the time...

''He came out pushing his own bags on one of those uncontrollable baggage trolleys, black suit and hat, bright, bright yellow hair, and about 48 hours worth of stubble on his face.

I had to move to get out of his way - it was very surreal.


~ Stevee. See his full report on this page.

Perth Airport 1983. Image sent in from Stevee. To see his full report, click here.


Perth 1983.© Denis O’Regan →

BDU member Stevee:


''As he passed, I welcomed him to Perth, and he thanked me, desperately trying to manoeuvre the trolley towards the black limo waiting outside.''


On the way to the car, Bowie stopped to sign autographs and then went off to what he said would be his "first and only" press conference during the Australia tour.

Perth Airport 1983. Image sent in from Stevee.
To see his full report, click here.


Perth in 1983

FIVE WEEKS prior to Bowie's arrival, the city of Perth had been a focus for many Australians.


For the first time in 132 years, a country other than America had won the America's Cup yacht race thanks to the efforts of The Royal Perth Yacht Club.


But on this day in early November, the attention turned to David Bowie....

Perth celebratiuons for the America's Cup victory by Australia.


Australian Press Conference

Dressed in grey trousers, brown shirt and jacket, Bowie faced 60 media representatives at his Australian Press Conference in Perth.

According to reports at the time, he spoke about sex, drugs, his son, nuclear war and the fate of the aborigines and how he would like to revive the idea of the Brotherhood of Man.

Press conference in Perth, Australia, 1983 © Brendan Beirne (video)

"I've achieved some status as a pop artist.


I'd like to be fairly committed to contributing my viewpoint on what are the immoralities of the world.

I think it's very fair to say the world is probably in the most catastrophic period of it's....of our knowledge. I think it's almost my duty to do something about it in positive terms."

~ David Bowie, Australian Press Conference, 1983.

Tom Prior (columnist for The Sun) recalled that his lasting memory of Bowie was "in drag, with high heels, white stockings and crotch-hugging tights".

Excerpts from the press conference and the airport arrival were shown on various programs including Newsworld, the Morning Show and the Today Show.

Video of the Conference



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