1983 Serious Moonlight Tour (AUS/NZ)

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NZ ARRIVAL: November 22

Following a direct flight from Sydney, Bowie arrived at Wellington Airport to crowds of onlookers, media, security personnel and tour representatives.

In the customs area, Bowie spared a few minutes for a TV crew but moved through the main section of the airport without stopping.

Behind him came the entourage of 96 that had been following the singer through some 90 airports on his global exclusion thus far.

"I can't believe we've got through such a long period. I could quite happily go on for longer. The people on the tour have been so good, so much fun; there's no narcotics on this tour.

Also I am determined to get out more this time and have hired a car to go driving, not the chauffeur car, just by myself."

~ David Bowie, Wellington, 1983



In the lead up to the tour, several press articles and tour advertisements appeared in newspapers.

Above and Below: Scans provided by sonofsilence.

Above and Below: Wellington arrival, 1983.
Scans sent in by Jacqui.
(Click to enlarge).

Among the most odd items were ones concerning Bowie's food requirements for the tour - "Dave Tucking In" and "Bowie Demands Raw Fish Diet".

Promoter Hugh Lynn remarked that Bowie's demands weren't excessive compared with rock stars that he'd brought to New Zealand.

Scans provided by sonofsilence.

Marae Visit: November 23
On February 23, Bowie was treated to a semi-sacred tribal ceremony by the Toarantira Maoris (the first rock star in history to be so honored!).

A full report, documentary and the exclusively written song is located here.

Bowie's 1983 Maori Greeting. Much more here.



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