1983 Serious Moonlight Tour (AUS/NZ)

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Auckland: November 26

The final concert was at Auckland's enormous Western Springs (a speedway stadium).

The 74,480 strong audience was the largest ever recorded for an Australasian concert and was believed to be the largest single crowd gathering in the history of New Zealand.

The gig was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest crowd gathering per head of population anywhere in the world.

Western Springs Stadium. From David Bowie's Serious Moonlight The World Tour.

According to Bowie fan Paul from Auckland, some papers may have declared a mere 70,000 attendance but that number had swelled considerably by at least 20,000 due to people pushing the perimeter fences over.

"The bemused security guards just stood there scratching their heads before moving to assist folks over the broken fence and thereby preventing any crush injuries. It was a great show and certainly the largest by any act that I've ever been to."

~ Paul from Auckland

The publication David Bowie's Serious Moonlight The World Tour mentions that there were "90,000 or so, with their bonfires up on the hills around the site. Looking like Huns in the flickering light but behaving."

Photo NZ/Herald Staff Photographer

Photo NZ/Herald Staff Photographer

Ticket scan from TJNWorldEnterprises.

The Auckland show was supported by local group Dance Exponents and Australian group Models.


Auckland 1983 - David Bowie and support band Dance Exponents. Pic sent in by Harry Williams

The nuclear arms race was dominating world headlines, and Bowie finished the Auckland concert with an impassioned oration ("I wish our world leaders would stop their insane inability to recognise that we wish to live peacefully"), and released two white doves into the sky before the final encore.

Auckland Set list ,
26 Nov, 1983

1 Look Back In Anger
2 "Heroes"
3 What In The World
4 Golden Years
5 Fashion
6 Let's Dance
7 Breaking Glass
8 Life On Mars
9 Sorrow
10 Cat People
11 China Girl
12 Scary Monsters
13 Rebel Rebel
14 White Light White Heat
15 Station To Station
16 Cracked Actor
17 Ashes To Ashes
18 Space Oddity
19 Young Americans
20 Fame
21 TVC-15
22 Star


23 Stay
24 The Jean Genie
25 Modern Love

With the main tour officially over, Bowie threw a party with Polynesian dancing girls.

The last minute addition to the Serious Moonlight Tour called the "Bungle In The Jungle" (documented in the "Ricochet" video) was to be stripped down to the basics without most of the Bowie asked the road crew to cut the huge cake shaped like the Earth.

Photo by Peter Farmiloe. Please do not reproduce without permission.

Photo by Peter Farmiloe. Please do not reproduce without permission.
Photo by Peter Farmiloe. Please do not reproduce without permission.

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