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MELBOURNE: Station to Station

When THE CITY OF MELBOURNE recently asked the public to put in applications for the naming of FIVE NEW STATIONS on a brand new underground rail link, we submitted an application accordingly.

In his 10 minute long 1976 masterpiece title track 'Station to Station', David Bowie sings:

"Here are we, one magical moment

Such is the stuff, from where dreams are woven

Bending sound, dredging the ocean

Lost in my circle

Here am I, flashing no color

Tall in this room overlooking the ocean

Here are we, one magical movement

From Kether to Malkuth"

These mysterious lyrics are referenced again on the back cover of the reissue of the same album - Station to Station.

In this picture, Bowie draws the Tree of Life from the Kabbalah. Kether is the topmost Sephirot (or Station) and Malkuth is the station at the bottom of the tree.

Although there are 10 stations in the Tree of Life, if we travel in a direct line, there are only 3 more stations - hence the representation of not only Kether and Malkuth on the Melbourne rail but also Daat, Tiferet and Yesod!

So imagine that. We travel (at least part of) the Tree of Life - and one of Bowie's greatest songs - each time we jump on a train!

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