Isolar II: The 1978 World Tour (AUS/NZ)

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Arrival (Early November)

David Bowie arrived in Australia with no exact date given to the press.

Avoiding large press conferences, he attended small meetings over the course of two days that were organised via the tour promoter.

On the flight to Australia, Bowie recalled the captain announcing he was closing down one of the engines because it was spilling oil:

"Awfully decent of him to tell us," he told a small gathering of the Australian press.

Describing how he felt about the Australian tour, he said:

"I'm looking forward to it. It's a long way to go and there have been times in the past when I considered it. But now we're about to start, I'm very happy".

Australian airport, 1978. With Tony Mascia (bodyguard) and Stu George.
Photo sent in by Eamonn.

Rehearsals (Nov 5-10)

The band members had arrived on November 4 - a couple of days before Bowie.

Sydney's Sebel Townhouse was the base as they began week long concert
rehearsals at a small indoor sports stadium in Sydney.

Sydney rehearsals.  From Sean Mayes' We Can Be Heroes.

Sebel Townhouse Press Conference


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