1978 Low / Heroes Tour (AUS/NZ)

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The Band


The Promoter

All down under dates were the responsibility of Melbourne based promoter Paul Dainty.

As a corner stone of the Australian music industry since since 1972, Dainty's responsibility on this occasion included New Zealand.

The company (now named Dainty Consolidated Entertainment) was the promoter of all four Bowie tours of Australia - branching a total of 26 years.

Paul Dainty in 1983.
More about him here.

Personnel and Road Crew

Corrine 'Coco' Schwabb David's Personal Assistant
Pat Gibbons David's young Manager
Tony Mascia David's Bronx born bodyguard and driver
Stu George Old friend of David's from Hull, occasional security
Bob and Rick Security, karate teachers
Eric Barrett Tour Manager, Scot living in LA
Ron Roberts Eric's assistant, looks after travel and personnel
Tony Visconti Record Producer, American living in LA
Barbara DeWitt Public Relations, LA
Tony MacGrogan RCA London, A&R
Frank Security
Willy Porter Electrician
Morris Lyda Production Consultant
Lyle Centola Rigger
Ed Kolakowski Piano engineer, Australia and Japan
Bowie Road Crew
Robert Joyce Stage manager
Vern Constan Equipment and emergencies
Leroy Kerr Equipment and occasional bodyguard
Jan Alejandro Equipment, drums
Showco Sound Equipment and Lighting
Buford Jones Sound engineer
Randy Marshall Singing roadie
Warren Cunningham Lighting Engineer
Kevin Di Piazza Lighting technician
Richard Brown Lighting technician
Dirk Arnold Lighting technician
Juan Gonzales Lighting technician
Richard Hunnicutt Lighting technician
Sound Technicians
Rusty Davis Sound technician
Glenn George Sound technician

Road crew, Adelaide. Photos by Bruce Butler


According to a Brisbane newspaper, "The Oz Tour" tour involved 40,000 kg of equipment and a fleet of seven semi-trailers to transport the equipment around the country.

Adelaide stage set up and semi trailers. Photos by Bruce Butler.

The piano used for "The Oz Tour" was a Bechstein that had a literally colourful local history.

Originally wood grain, it was painted black for studio work, blue for a TVB special, black for private use, white for Rod Stewart's 1977 tour of Australia, and black again for Bowie!


Ed Kolakowski:

"In 1978, I was the piano technician on David's incredible tour of Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

He is one of the true gentlemen in the music business. It was a distinct honor and a huge source of pride to be a member of his touring production staff. His talent, generosity and professionalism are extraordinary and unequaled." 

The Sound Desks

Jands (JPJ Audio) supplied the sound system, lighting support and the outdoor roof for the Bowie tour of Australia. The Bowie page on their website can be viewed here.

Images from the JPJ Audio website. More images here.


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