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About the Site
BDU is an online resource of David Bowie's tours, releases and related events relevant to Australia and New Zealand.

The website opened in early 2002 in response to YANHOT ('Yet Another Northern Hemisphere Only Tour'). The idea was to petition David Bowie to tour Australia and New Zealand - places that had been overlooked for seven consecutive world tours and eight consecutive studio albums.

The petition received an early boost by appearing on the Teenage Wildlife News Page, Bassman's Bowie page and The Ziggy Stardust Companion. Over the course of two years, it gained more than 500 signatures and even though we have no idea whether it made a difference - in late 2003, David Bowie announced his first down under tour in 16 years!

Special thanks to all who signed the petition and helped spread the word of this website.



Adam Robert Jones-Dean
Essentially, I do the html, the graphics and the news as it come to hand. If you have something to add, please send it here.

Web Hostess:

Alyssa Palmer
Alys has kindly offered to host BDU on her web space. This has come in to effect as of June 2010.


Bruce Butler
Bruce has shared so much of his amazing personal collection and this has really helped Bowie Downunder to take shape. Thank you Bruce.

Many additional thanks to Anthony, Ben, Brian, Bruce Zippy, Cass, Chas, Eamonn, Geoff, Jacqui, Kristen, Louise, Rachel, Ria, Sarah, Selwyn, Stevee, Tim, and everyone else that have shared material and memories.

Event Programmers:


Harry Williams

Louise Coulter

Bruce Butler

Cass Moore

Adam RJ Dean


Cass Moore
Thank you to Cass for setting up and running the instagram account:

David Bowie Is Down Under

Sound Productions:

Special thanks to Downunder Discs for capturing memories that will last lifetimes.
Many thanks to:

Jeff Duff for continuing his first class celebrations of Bowie.

Adam Rudegeaire Quartet: The Bowie Project

Michael Dwyer and The Thin White Ukes

Additional thanks to James Lees, Ash Naylor, Paul Lyons, Aidan Roberts and all others that have provided a local spin on Bowie's music.

Concert Photography and Imagery:

This section is by no means complete. If you see a picture on the site that is yours and is uncredited, please contact me and I will rectify. In particular, the A Reality Tour was so whirlwind, it would be surprised if I have not missed someone somewhere:

Annie I_Love_DeNiro
Brian (sonofsilence) Jacqui
Bruce Butler James Lees
Cass (SoulLoveChild) Louise (Vicious)
Cat Lorrette
Charly Sarah
Chris Selwyn from Auckland
Eamonn (Abbey Stump) Simone
GeeFree SnowChild
Geoffrey Schuck Stevee from Perth
Georgina (Maeko.Quinza) Stu (96DBFreak)
Glenn (Fed Up) Tim from Perth
Greg Eccleston TJNWorldEnterprises
Harry Ziggfried

Site Linking:

Blammo at Bowienet Cass (SoulLoveChild)
Jeff at Bowie Unzipped Stu (96DBFreak)
Evan at Teenage Wildlife  
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NB. Can you link to BDU from your website or have already done so? If so, contact me and will add your name and site to this list.


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