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Related Peformers
In this section, we explore some of the Aussie and Kiwi artists that have past working relationships with or interesting connections to David Bowie.

Local Music Collaborators
Brendan Gallagher
Butterfly Boucher
The Celibate Rifles
Dennis Garcia
Guy Gray
(engineer / mixer)
(Bowie's opening act overseas in the 1980s)
Robin Lumley
Zaine Griff
(singer, bassist)

Local Film Collaborators
Andrej Pejic
(actor from 'The 'Stars Are Out Tonight' video)
Geeling Ng
(actor from the 'China Girl' video)
Jack Thompson
(actor from 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence)
Roger Pulvers
(assistant director - 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence)
Ron Mueck
(sculptor, model maker and puppeteer from Labyrinth)
Terry Roberts & Joeline King
(actors from the 'Let's Dance' video)

(actor from 'Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence)

Local Industry Collaborators
Bruce Butler
(Promotions Manager - CBS Sony Records)
Paul Dainty

Glenis Daly
(Make up artist)
Janine Ellis
  Molly Meldrum
(Music Promoter & Persona)

Local Support Bands
The Angels
(Bowie's opening act 1978 - AUS)
(Bowie's opening act 1983 - AUS)
Something For Kate
(Bowie's opening act 2004 - AUS)
Larry Morris
(Bowie's opening act 1978 - NZ)
Dance Exponents
(Bowie's opening act 1983 - NZ)
Brooke Fraser
(Bowie's opening act 2004 - NZ)

Local Artists Inspired by Bowie
Bowie's influence on the international music scene is wide ranging and long lasting, however, his impact on our local scene is perhaps less well known. In the following section, we explore some of the Aussie and Kiwi artists with connections to Bowie from the position of influence.
Ash Naylor
James Cochran
(Australian grafitti artist based in Brixton)
Dave Graney
Jeff Duff
(musician and glam artist)
Neil Finn
Nick Cave
Robert Forster
Steve Kilbey
Rothe Lowman