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Filming and Recording (AUS/NZ)
Australia and NZ have provided a location and/or subject matter for at least two music videos, an album, a concert film and a movie among other items...

Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence

Behind the scenes of Bowie's 1982 War Drama filmed in New Zealand and The Cook Islands.

  Filming in the Cook Islands
  Filming at Kings College and Waganui Coillegiate
  Filming at Auckland Railway Station
  Filming at Mt Eden and Other Locations
  Reviews, Premiers and Interviews
  The Music

Let's Dance

Let's Dance 1983

Behind the scenes of Bowie's 1983 music video shot around Sydney and rural NSW.



Back to Carinda

In 2007, Bowie fan 'Freestate' travelled back to Carinda where the Let's Dance video was filmed some 24 years. There is now also an annual Bowie festival that takes place in the town. Page is here.

Tin Machine II

Recording 'Tin Machine II'

Behind the scenes of David Bowie's second 'Tin Machine' album which was recorded at Studio 301 in Castlereigh Street, Sydney.

Coming Soon...

When time allows, BDU will be expanded with dedicated sections on...

China Girl - the 1983 music video shot in Sydney. The video featured New Zealand actress/model Geeling Ng who became his girlfriend.
Real Wild Child - the Australian rock n roll classic as recorded by Iggy Pop and David Bowie in 1986. To this day, the accompanying video is used as the sound and video bite for the long standing Australian video program RAGE.
Glass Spider - the concert video was filmed in Sydney over two nights.
The Crossing - Bowie's involvement in the soundtrack of this Australian film.
The Delinquents - Another Australian soundtrack but with speculated Bowie involvement.