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1973 - "Aladdin Sane" (AUS/NZ)
1. Watch That Man
2. Aladdin Sane
3. Drive In Saturday
4. Panic In Detroit
5. Cracked Actor
6. Time
7. The Prettiest Star
8. Let's Spend The Night Together
9. The Jean Genie
10. Lady Grinning Soul

Aladdin Sane was Bowie's first Australian top 10 album.

Concurrently, it was his most successful album to date in most markets.

Country Released Chart Entry Chart HP (WI)
UK May 5, 1973   1 (47)
US May 5, 1973   17 (8)
AUS   May 28, 1973 7 (24)

Bowie was touring intensely at this time (the album was written on tour) including his first dates in Japan. The likelihood of him reaching these distant shores, however, was minimal given his intense fear of flying.

Soon after the album release, Bowie again made the cover of Go Set - but this time with his affirmation of quitting live performance altogether.

The Jean Genie

'The Jean Genie' was released as a unique picture sleeve release in Australia. Released in February, the single peaked at AUS #42 (versus US #71 and UK #2). It also went considerably higher on Melbourne chart (#11).

Backed by 'Ziggy Stardust'. Scans sent in by Anthony.

For the New Zealand release, 'The Jean Genie' returned to the standard 'RCA orange' format.

NZ issue of 'THE JEAN GENIE'
(RCA Victor 60614). Scans sent in by Chas.

Drive In Saturday

The second single was 'Drive in Saturday'. Although a chart hit in England (where it had been released as the lead), it failed to chart to chart down under - further weight to Nic Pegg's suggestion of it being the 'great lost Bowie single'.

(RCA Victor 60629). Scans sent in by Chas.

Let's Spend The Night Together

In New Zealand, there is evidence of a third single from Aladdin Sane. Bowie's cover of The Rolling Stones' 'Let's Spend The Night Together', however, failed to spark any chart activity.

(RCA Victor ABPO 0028). Scans sent in by Chas.

Lou Reed

Produced by David Bowie and guitarist Mick Ronson, Lou Reed's Transformer
was released on the local market in April - shortly after Aladdin Sane.

The album was accompanied by 'Walk on the Wild Side' - a big airplay single. Amazingly, the classic song only managed to enter the singles chart in Perth (allowing an overall AUS position of #100 for 1 week). The album, however, remains the highest and longest charting album of Reed's career (AUS #12 and 34 weeks on chart). The Australian position also bettered the US (#29) and went a notch higher than the UK (#13).


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