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Robin Lumley
British jazz fusion musician Robin Lumley and one time Spiders From Mars member is now a resident of Melbourne, Victoria.

After leaving the Spiders From Mars, Robin has produced over 30 albums, some of which have gold and platinum status.

Robin has composed and produced music for over 250 television and radio commercials and has numerous television screen credits for productions which have been screened on Channel 4, BBC, ITV UK, Discovery Channel USA and the ABC amongst others. He has also been a composer for the Perth Theatre Company.

From 1974 to 1980, Robin was keyboardist for the band Brand X which included such notable members as Phil Collins (drums), Mike Clark (drums), Percy Jones (bass), John Goodsall (guitar).

He was also a leading producer on the UK jazz-fusion scene in the late 1970s, including producing Brand X themselves, Rod Argent's solo albums, and albums by original Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips.

Robin Lumley's Brand X. Check out The Jazz Music Archives for more info.

'Starman' - Top of the Pops
Among Robin's collection are the original stage/music notes inscribed by Mick Ronson for Bowie's now legendary 1972 shows in England.

In 2001, Robin announced the formation of a new band called SETI ("search for extraterrestrial intelligence") consisting of himself plus Graeme Edge (Moody Blues), Rod McGrath (Head cellist, ex-LSO and now WASO) a fine local guitarist, and Rob Burns (of Pete Townshend and Eric Burdon fame).

Brand X albums