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Geeling Ng

Above: Photo shoot for Sam Coley's downunder Bowie documentaries. See more here.

New Zealand Actress/Model Geeling Ng was David Bowie's girlfriend in the early 80s.

Geeling originally starred as the 'China Girl' in David Bowie’s video for the song. Due to this high profile appearance, she has generated considerable interest among Bowie fans. Check out Eri Wilde's page:

Looking for China Girl

Geeling now features on the cooking segment of the Asia Down Under show on New Zealand's TVONE (Sunday @ 8.30am) and works at an Auckland restaurant named "Soul".

According to

"Model Geeling Ng's performance in David Bowie's 'China Girl' made her a lightning rod for controversy. Today, she’s positively suburban, living in New Zealand, raising orchids, running marathons, and managing a restaurant."

In 2008, Geeling popped up on the New Zealand TV program Dancing With The Stars (video interview below).

Left: Geeling and Candy Lane at Soul Bar in Auckland. A night known as the 'White Mischief Party'. Right: Geeling appearing on Dancing With The Stars.

Interview (2008) with Geeling Ng