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1979 - "Lodger" (AUS/NZ)
1. Fantastic Voyage
2. African Night Flight
3. Move On
4. Yassassin (Turkish for: Long Live)
5. Red Sails
6. D.J.
7. Look Back In Anger
8. Boys Keep Swinging
9. Repetition

Void of hit singles (at least in Australia and New Zealand) and void of any tours (anywhere in the world), the Lodger album was a moderate chart success.

Country Released Chart Entry Chart HP (WI)
UK June 9, 1979   4 (17)
US June 9, 1979   20 (15)
AUS   June 4, 1979 11 (18)
NZ   June 29, 1979 3 (12)

David Bowie instead decided to promote the album with some media appearances and some music videos - the later were shown on Countdown - including a snippet of 'DJ' during Iggy Pop's famous and notorious appearance...

Boys Keep Swinging

Released well ahead of the album in April, 'Boys Keep Swinging' hit AUS #85. This differed from the lead single in the US where RCA was uncertain about the androgyny for a US audience (they were issued 'Look Back in Anger' instead).

Australian 7" issue of 'Boys Keep Swinging' backed by 'Fantastic Voyage'. Released on khaki label.


'DJ' was the second single. Released in August, it stalled at AUS #98.

Australian 7" issue of 'DJ' backed by Repetition. Released on khaki label.

End of The Decade

At the end of the year, Bowie was interviewed in London for Countdown's End of the Decade special.

Molly Meldrum recalled:

"He insisted that the interview be conducted in London's Kew Gardens, and getting in there is like trying to get an exclusive with the Queen on the lawns of Buckingham Palace.

We managed it though, after telling the attendants that we were filming a special on beautiful English gardens! David posed as an expert on plants as we paid our penny to get in the gate."


John, I'm Only Dancing

Now three albums into Bowie's more experimental period (known as the 'Berlin' or 'Eno' trilogy), the local and international hit quotient was evidently decreasing.

Probably deterred, RCA made a turn around and looked toward Bowie's most successful album for the next single release.

Lifted straight from the Ziggy Stardust sessions (and evidently labeled as such), 'John I'm Only Dancing 1972' failed to chart altogether.

As time would tell, much bigger things were just around the corner.

Australian issue of 'John I'm Only Dancing 1972' backed by 'Joe The Lion'. Released in December 1979 on khaki label.


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