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1976 - "Station to Station" (AUS/NZ)
1. Station To Station
2. Golden Years
3. Word On A Wing
4. TVC15
5. Stay
6. Wild Is The Wind

Introducing a more Euro sound, Station to Station became Bowie's 5th Australian top 10 album on the trot.

The album corresponded with Bowie's first major European dates but Australasia was unfortunately still lacking from the tour agenda.

During 1976, Molly Meldrum conducted an interview with Bowie for Countdown, the footage of which seems to have eluded Youtubers thus far.

Country Released Chart Entry Chart HP (WI)
UK Feb 7, 1976   5 (16)
US Feb 7 , 1976   3 (32)
AUS   Feb 9, 1976 8 (21)
NZ   Mar 19, 1976 9 (6)

Golden Years

Released in March, 'Golden Years' sustained 22 weeks on Australian chart peaking at #34 and 10 weeks in NZ charting peaking at #18. On local Melbourne chart, it made #17.

Australian issue of 'Golden Years'.
Backed by 'Can You Hear Me'. First issued on an orange label (as above) then followed with a khaki label.


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