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Forthcoming Events



Bowie Unzipped, the new show by Jeff Duff, plays its first shows in Melbourne.

Dec 19 Melbourne Caravan Music Club
Dec 20 Melbourne Caravan Music Club
Dec 27 Newcastle Lizottes Newcastle
Dec 28 Central Coast Lizottes Kincumber


Labyrinth returns to The Astor Theatre. See here.

BOWIE AT UNI Jan 5 - Feb 13

A summer school paper on David Bowie is coming up at The University of Otago. The course is taught by an interdisciplinary team of academics from music, gender, theatre, fashion and film. Details in this article.


Labyrinth returns to The Rooftop Cinema. See here.


Adam Rudegeair's brilliant Bowie jazz interpretations returns to The Paris Cat.
Feb 18 Melbourne The Paris Cat


The All Star David Bowie tribute show performs at The Centuria Hotel Midland on Sat Feb 21st. Five piece live band. On stage with AbbaFab. Tickets on sale from Dec 10th. Available from the venue $20 in advance, or $25 on the door.
Feb 21 Perth Centuria Hotel, Midland

BOWIE IS July 16 - Nov 1

The most succcessful exhibit in the history of London's V&A Musuem will reach MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA from July 16 to Nov 1, 2015.

Mar 23, 2013 -
Aug 11, 2013
Victoria and Albert Museum
Sept 25, 2013 -
Nov 27, 2013
Art Gallery of Ontario
Jan 28, 2013 -
Apr 21, 2014
Museum of Image and Sound
Sao Paulo
May 20, 2014 -
Aug 10, 2014
Martin Gropius Bau
Sept 23, 2014 -
Jan 2015
Museum of Contemporary Art
Mar 2, 2015 -
May 31, 2015
Cité de la musique

JULY 16, 2015 - NOV 1, 2015

Dec 15, 2015 -
Mar 15, 2016
Groninger Museum

WARCRAFT Mar 11, 2016

The brand new Duncan Jones movie World of Warcraft is due for cinematic release.

Ongoing Events


Petition for a David Bowie concert in Australia / New Zealand.

Past Events

We now have a FACEBOOK GROUP as well a FACEBOOK PAGE - please join for the latest updates
BOWIE IS: DOWNUNDER (Major Event in 2015)

SATURDAY JULY 18 will be the night of nights for Bowie fans downunder as Bowie Downunder has an exclusive viewing of the DAVID BOWIE IS exhibition which is showing at ACMI in Melbourne, Australia.

See our facebook group for further details on how to get an invite to this one-off event.

Recent Releases
NOV 21, 2014
Brand new career spanning compilation "Nothing Has Changed". Links to JB Hifi: 3 CD Edition / 2 CD Edition / Vinyl Edition
NOV 17, 2014
Brand new single 'Sue (Or in a Season of Crime)' is released. See here.
SEPT 22, 2014
Repacked Sound and Vision box set is released. See here.
SEPT 22, 2014
7 inch released of 'Knock on Wood'. See here.
SEPT 09, 2014
Becoming David Bowie DVD is released. See here.
AUGUST, 2014
An overseas publication The Making of Hunky Dory has been released.
JULY 29, 2014
Twin Peaks The Entire Mystery available on Blu-Ray/DVD.
JULY 7, 2014
A new album - Subterranean: New Designs on Bowie's Berlin - by acclaimed jazz drummer Steve Howe available on CD and LP.
JUNE 25, 2014
A new book entitled "Five Sessions" by Brian Duffy and Kevin Cann
. Link to Bookworld. Link to Fishpond.
JUNE 23, 2014
7 inch released of 'Diamond Dogs'. See here.
JUNE 9, 2014
Vinyl release of the Philip Glass Low Symphony (based on the works of David Bowie and Brian Eno). See here.
MAY 5, 2014
Someday World, the brand new album by Brian Eno and Karl Hyde. CD release here. Deluxe edition here. Vinyl edition here.
APRIL 28, 2014
CD compilation "Bowie Heard The Here First" is released. Link to Wow. Link to Fishpond. Link to VideoEzy.
APRIL 19, 2014
7 inch release of '1984' for Record Store Day, North America. See here.
APRIL 19, 2014
7 inch release of 'RocknRoll Suicide' for Record Store Day, UK. See here.
APRIL, 2014
"Diamond Dogs at 40" is the cover article for the April edition of Uncut.
MARCH 14, 2014
7 inch release of 'Rebel Rebel'. See here.

2013 Releases
DEC 16, 2013
Release of 'Love is Lost' on 12 inch white vinyl.

More info here.
DEC 5, 2013
Release of Bowie's 6th music video of the year - 'I'd Rather Be High (Venetian Mix)'.

View it here.
NOV 8, 2013
Release of a new book David Bowie: Ever Changing Hero.

More info here.
NOV 4, 2013
Expanded edition of the 2013 David Bowie album The Next Day is due.

More info here.
NOV, 2013
Bowie is on the cover of the November edition of NME.
OCT 31, 2013
Bowie has made a 5th music video this year - the Love is Lost remix by James Murphy.

View it here.
OCT 18, 2013
7 inch release 'Sorrow'.
See here
OCT 7, 2013
The stripped back version of 'Sound and Vision' created by Sonjay Prabhakar from the original sound stems will be released through Parlophone Records on October 7.

More info here.
AUG 19, 2013
Release of Valetine's Day 7 inch picture disc. This is Bowie's fourth single from The Next Day. More info here
JULY 16, 2013
Release of "Valentine's Day" - the 4th video to be taken from Bowie's forthcoming album The Next Day. See here.
JUNE 24, 2013
Release of a fifth in a series of 7 inch picture discs that are following the original UK RCA release schedule. More info here
JUNE 6, 2013
Release of the paperback David Bowie Treasures. More info here.
MAY 8, 2013
Release of "The Next Day" - the 3rd video to be taken from Bowie's forthcoming album The Next Day. See here.
NME have produced a special edition of their magazine simply titled BOWIE.
APRIL 26, 2013
A brand new Iggy and The Stooges album titled Ready To Die is released. More info here.
APRIL 20, 2013
A picture disc of The Jean Genie is one of three Bowie items due for Record Store Day 2013. More info here.
APRIL 20, 2013
1965! - a 4 track vinyl EP of vintage Bowie material is the second in a series of three Bowie items due for Record Store Day 2013. More info here
APRIL 20, 2013
A white vinyl 45 featuring Bowie's two new singles (Where Are We Now and The Stars) is the third in a series of three Bowie items due for Record Store Day 2013. More info here
APRIL 15, 2013
40th Anniversary remaster of Aladdin Sane. More info here.
APRIL 11, 2013
Release date of a 160 page hardcover book David Bowie: A Life in Pictures by Chris Welch. More info here.
APRIL 5, 2013
Vinyl release of Bowie's new album, The Next Day. See here
MARCH 28, 2013
Release of the book Ziggyology by Simon Goddard. See here.
MARCH 23, 2013
Corresponding with the Bowie V&A exhibit due to take place in London, a new book by Victoria Broakes and Geoffrey Marsh. Hardback here.
The April edition of music magazine Uncut has Bowie on the cover.
The April edition of music magazine Q (#321) has Bowie on the cover.
The March edition of music magazine NME has Bowie on the cover.
MARCH 8, 2013 (NZ)
MARCH 8, 2013 (AUS)
Local release dates for the brand new David Bowie album The Next Day. More info here (AUS) and here (NZ).
MARCH, 2013
The March issue of Australian Rolling Stone has Nick Cave on the cover and a feature on David Bowie's new album.
FEBRUARY 26, 2013
"The Stars (Are Out Tonight)" - the digital release of Bowie's second single from the forthcoming album The Next Day. See here.
JANUARY 8, 2013
"Where Are We Now?" - the digital release of Bowie's first single from the forthcoming album The Next Day. See here.

2012 Releases
DECEMBER 3, 2012
Release of album by Bowie inspiration Scott Walker. The new album Bish Bosch is considered one in a trilogy along with 1995's Tilt and 2006's The Drift.
NOVEMBER 16, 2012
Release of the Jean Genie Picture Disc. See here.
OCTOBER 30, 2012
David Bowie Style - a new book by Danny Lewis. See here.

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OCTOBER 11, 2012
Release date of the book Bowie: Album by Album (The Studio Years) by Paolo Hewitt. See here.
SEPTEMBER 03, 2012
Release of the John I'm Only Dancing Picture Disc. See here.
MOJO magazine cover story on David Bowie. 
MID 2012
Another special edition book from Genesis Publications. See here.
JULY 7, 2012
A rehash of an earlier title (Under Review) but if you don't have that DVD, this one is very well priced. See here.
JUNE 28, 2012
New book by GQ editor Dylan Jones. See here.
JUNE 6, 2012
40th Anniversary Edition of Ziggy Stardust. Standard edition here. Expanded here.
JUNE 6, 2012
'Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust' - a book by Bowie producer Ken Scott. See here.
JUNE 6, 2012
NME's special edition on the 40th Anniversary of Zig.
JUNE, 2012
1980s era albums by Bowie collaborator Zaine Griff are now available on CD. See here.
JUNE, 2012
Bowie article in MOJO (regarding the book Sukita). See here.
MAY 9, 2012
The new French-English covers album by Iggy Pop. See here.
APRIL 21, 2012
Record Store Day limited edition release - Starman 7 inch picture disk (some stores only).
APRIL, 2012
Bowie 40 Years On - How Ziggy Changed His World and Ours - a cover story in Uncut magazine.
MARCH, 2012
An Axe to Break the Ice - Inside Bowie's Scary Monsters - a cover story in Record Collector magazine.
APRIL, 2012
How David Bowie Changed The World - a cover story in Rolling Stone.
FEBRUARY 8, 2012
20th Anniversary Edition of Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me on DVD. See here.
A 10 page article in MOJO. The magazine has New Order on the front cover.

2011 Releases
NOVEMBER 23, 2011
'Speed of Life' - a limited edition book by photographer Masayoshi Sukita. See here.
OCTOBER 15, 2011
'The Man Who Sold The World' - a book by Peter Doggett. See here.
Le Freak - a book by famed Bowie producer and hit maker Nile Rodgers. See here.
SEPTEMBER 27, 2011
Updated edition (version 6) of The Complete David Bowie by Nic Pegg. See here.
SEPTEMBER 15, 2011
DVD and Blu Ray release of the Duncan Jones directed 'Source Code'.
'The Ultimate Music Guide: Bowie' from the makers of Uncut magazine.
AUGUST, 2011
'Hunky Dory: The True Story of His 1971 Classic' is a feature in this month's MOJO magazine. At newsagents now.
AUGUST, 2011
Release of 'Ziggy Played Surf Guitar' - a surf music tribute to Bowie. See here.
AUGUST 29, 2011
'Child Who Wants The Moon' - new album by Bowie collaborator Zaine Griff.
JULY 12, 2011
'The Bowie Variations' - a new album by Bowie pianist Mike Garson. See here.
JULY, 2011
Release of the 2012 David Bowie calendar. See here.
JUNE 6, 2011
'Golden Years Remix EP'. See here.
MARCH 1, 2011
'Starman' - a book by Paul Tryka. Paperback here and hardcover here.
FEBRUARY 28, 2011
'Any Day Now' - a book by Kevin Cann. See here.
FEBRUARY 11, 2011
'Fragile Spaceman' - a new Bowie influenced album by Jeff Duff. See here.

2010 Releases
'Catch of a Falling Star' - a Bowie inspired novel set in Melbourne. See here.
Re-release of 'Station to Station' (now as a deluxe edition). See here.
Re-release of 'David Bowie' (now as a deluxe edition). See here.

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