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1973 Reissue - "The Man Who Sold The World" (AUS/NZ)
1. The Width Of A Circle
2. All The Madmen
3. Black Country Rock
4. After All
5. Running Gun Blues
6. Saviour Machine
7. She Shook Me Cold
8. The Man Who Sold The World
9. The Supermen

Despite lesser sales, The Man Who Sold The World is often considered among Bowie's classic albums.

On reissue, the album finally charted, however, without the benefit of a hit single (unlike the Space Oddity reissue), the album failed to set the charts blazing.

Post 1995, the title track has become well known among local audiences via Nirvana.

Country Released Chart Entry Chart HP (WI)
UK Nov 25, 1972   26 (22)
US Nov 25, 1972   105 (23)
AUS   Feb 12, 1973 44 (15)




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