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1975 - "Young Americans" (AUS/NZ)
1. Young Americans (5:10)
2. Win (4:44)
3. Fascination (5:43)
4. Right (4:13)
5. Somebody Up There Likes Me (6:30)
6. Across The Universe (4:30)
7. Can You Hear Me (5:04)
8. Fame (4:12)

Young Americans
was a major turning point for Bowie's success in America aided by his first number 1 single (Fame) in that country.

In Australia, the album peaked in the top 10 matching the hit position of the US. It stayed on chart for around 6 months but in the US, it was closer to a full year. In NZ, the album success mirrored that of the UK - both peaking in the top 5 and spending about a half a dozen weeks on chart.

Country Released Chart Entry Chart HP (WI)
UK April 5, 1975   2 (12)
US April 5, 1975   9 (51)
AUS   April 7, 1975 9 (25)
NZ   May 16 , 1975 3 (13)

The Young Americans

The lead single / title track seems to have particularly struck a chord with the Kiwis. Although it never peaked that high in Australia (#27), the UK (#18) or the US (US #28), in New Zealand, it went all the way to the number 1 position!

As indicated belew, the Australian 7 inch was curiously labeled as 'The Young Americans'.

Australian issue of 'The Young Americans' (1975) backed by 'Suffragette City'.


'Fame' was the follow up. It's belated appearance (released in August - four months after the album) might partially explain why it appears to have missed the Australian chart. Regardless, 'Fame' was a US #1 and is a mainstay on our local radio today.

Australian issue of Fame (1975) backed by 'Right'. Scans sent in by Anthony.

Jeannie Lewis
Australian songstress Jeannie Lewis was among a small handful of artists that covered Bowie in the early 70s. Her version of 'All The Madmen' appeared on the double concept album Tears of Steel & The Clowning Calaveras.

She later covered Bowie's 'Time' on her 1983 album.


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